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An Innovator in the Field of Fleet Tracking 

Imagine, as a business owner, you are responsible for the ordering and receiving of goods for your clients that are bound under a contract. Those goods, be they an order of refrigerated food for a vendor, heavy equipment for a construction company, or live stock, travel a distance that is largely unmapped and untracked. There is blind faith that the order will arrive undisturbed and on time. When those orders are not received in a timely manner, as outlined under contractual obligations, a level of customer service is sacrificed at the cost of future business.

Imagine now, as a business owner, you were in control of that fleet. If the moment it left the warehouse you could track its every kilometre, if you could even set parameters for the driver of that fleet to adhere to and know with clarity that it would arrive unharmed and on time. An above-and-beyond level of customer service adhered to is better for business and ensures more business growth by meeting contractual agreements.

Safefreight has been in the business of GPS fleet tracking for over ten years with Transportation Management software that ensures their client’s goods are tracked, mapped and delivered securely and on time. Safefrieght technology empowers their clients by equipping them with easy to use software that is linked to a tracking device installed on each fleet. This tracking device enables their clients to see in live-time, where their product is at any given moment of its transport and allows for better estimated arrival times.

Using cutting edge technology in fleet management software, Safefreight offers innovative services that meet a variety of business fleet management needs. The web-based Smartfleet option allows clients total control over their fleet by seeing where their product is in live-time, with just the click of a mouse. Easy-to-read yet Comprehensive vehicle reports increase driver safety, increase fuel efficiency by route-mapping, and ensure the client where there product is at all times.

The client can also set alerts to know if anything should veer off map; idle time, if the truck should go off the tracked course, whether the driver’s insurance and license need to be renewed and if the vehicle is due for maintenance.

This innovative fleet management software saves time and money for business, increases productivity and promotes driver safety. Backed by a team of professionals and technical support Safefreight offers its clients cutting-edge GPS Transportation Management services. If it is secure and fast enough for the 2010 Indy 500 and the Honda Indy Edmonton, which Safefreight is the Official Mobile Security Sponsor, imagine what this technology can do for your business.

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World specialists in surgical textile implants

Surgical Textile Implants Ensure Total Patient Safety and Fast-Paced Healing

We pride ourselves of being a renowned world leader in the production of high-quality, non-woven, microfiber mesh platforms, which play a vital role in hernia repair and other types of general surgeries. The main secret of our success is that we seek to meet with and even exceed the safety standards prescribed by the US government and other international agencies, in terms of our surgical mesh products.

By striking an unmatched combination of professionalism and patient-focused approach, we ensure that the patient outcomes are absolutely safe and the recovery after surgeries takes place in a fast-paced manner.

Typical features of our surgical textile implant products
One of our renowned and highly popular products- SURGIMESH-is produced keeping the following factors in focus:
a)Totally dependable repair integrity
b)Easy to be used
c)Minimally reported cases of complications

We are your ultimate choice for all kinds of surgical textile implants. Once you start dealing with us and use our products, you know why we are one of the most sought after companies for all kinds of surgical implants.

Focusing on the safety of patients, our team of experts is constantly engaged in research to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field of surgical implants. It is only through such a highly professional attitude that we have been able to come up with a varied range of products such as SURGIMESH.

SURGIMESH Hernia Repair-we are your perfect choice
Being a highly patient-focused manufacturer of surgical products, we leave no stone unturned to serve you professionally.
i.You can rest assured while using our products since there is seldom any chance for discomfort or pain, caused to the patients.
ii.For this purpose, all of our products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities and finally double-checked for quality and fabrication.
iii.We are never tired of trying and implementing new methods and products while endeavoring to reduce the discomfort and pain of the patients.

Types of surgical products we deal with regarding general surgery
Generally, there are 3 types of products we specialize in, pertaining to general surgical procedures:
SURGIMESH WN-this is produced as a totally customizable mesh made of non-woven microfibers. It is most suitable for surgeries dealing with open or laparoscopic hernias.
SURGIMESH XB-this product is usually used for surgeries performed to treat ventral, incisional and umbilical hernias. Generally, this type of surgery is performed as a minimally invasive one.
EASY PLUG - PATCH SYSTEM-this product ranks highest in terms of flexibility provided to the surgeons treating open inguinal hernias. Simply put, it can be adopted to be used either as a single or a double-layered mesh.

Put in a nutshell, our surgical textile implant products never fall short of your expectations. Gain full value for your money along with peace of mind. There is very little else you want to have while opting to buy these products!


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